Bodley Heritage | Wellbeing and Creative Case for Diversity – Exhibitions
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Wellbeing and Creative Case for Diversity – Exhibitions

Ali led on the innovative Shaping the Body exhibition. Using the Castle Museum’s designated collections, the exhibition explores how body shape has changed due to pressures from fashion, diet and lifestyle.

Challenging Wellbeing issues such as obesity, dangerous fashions, dieting and exercise areapproached in a fun and inclusive way. Part of the exhibition was co-curated with individuals from LGBT communities, and LGBT fashion history is woven through the exhibition narrative.

A cat walk runs the length of the fashion gallery. A fashion show produced by young people at risk of homelessness, launched the exhibition and won Highly Commended in the 2016 York Community Awards.

Ali also worked with York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, taking the Waterloo 200 exhibition into the hospital environment.

Trip Advisor Comments

  • Loved dressing up and walking down the catwalk
  • I found the exhibit about the body through ages quite interesting and complex